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A deal-closing platform for micro-entrepreneurs

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What is heymate?

heymate is building its platform by leveraging blockchain technology, specifically smart contracts, and two crypto tokens, to fulfill critical deal-closing functions.

The heymate platform’s features include formalizing and simplifying the creation and negotiation of the terms and conditions of an offer, managing payments held in escrow and resolving disputes, and offering an ecosystem of B2B service partners who will provide value-added services (such as insurance, loans, savings plans, etc.)  to support micro-entrepreneurs.

heymate HEY and HMR tokens

heymate is conducting a token sale of its utility token, HEY. The HEY token can be purchased during the private-sale, the token sale and at various crypto-exchanges afterwards, while the HMR token can only be earned through work ratings or referrals.

heymate HEY token

All interactions using heymate require the use of the HEY token. HEY token is the medium of exchange or value transfer in the heymate ecosystem.

heymate HMR token

The heymate system uses a second token, the heymate Reputation Token (HMR), which is internal to heymate, to model the reputation of consumers and producers.

heymate mobile app

The best business tool ever was the handshake, because it was the most simple and trustful way to close a deal.

It worked for everybody – everywhere.

The heymate mobile app enables you to build the terms and conditions of your offer and close a deal within 20 seconds — just like the good old handshake.

Discover the heymate mobile app, a deal-closing app for millennials, by millennials.

Our team


Founders, co-founders and key employees will be subject to a 4-year vesting schedule plan with regular 6-month, linear cliffs. The latter is tied to individually negotiated KPIs, based on the communicated roadmap.

Philipp Toth
Philipp TothCEO & Founder
Philipp is an entrepreneurial visionary, deeply-rooted in global strategy, operations and investments. Philipp has 12 years of experience in corporate value creation and operational excellence design & implementation, accumulated during his careers in management consulting (A.T. Kearney Strategic Operations Practice) and private equity (Merrill Lynch Principal Investing, Patria Investimentos/ The Blackstone Group, UBS).
Born in one of the largest favelas in Sao Paulo/ Brazil, Philipp has seen that uncertified but talented & skilled workers lack access to attractive corporate vacancies. But now, traditional employment models are vanishing and Philipp has committed himself to the enablement of skill- and talent-based micro-entrepreneurs — the largest global workforce of the near future.
Frank Hartmann
Frank HartmannCTO & Founder
Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur & computer scientist, dedicated to distributed software systems, crypto technology & the development of scalable mobile apps. Over the last 15 years he designed and developed several B2B, B2C and C2C applications for millions of active users. As a digital nomad & active contributor to society, he strongly believes in enabling a self-determined and fulfilled life for all entrepreneurs.
David Victor Bisang
David Victor BisangChairman of the Board & Founder
David is a successful entrepreneur and investment specialist. Following his career at firms such as Deutsche Bank, Julius Baer and Pioneer Investments, he founded, in 2009, BBK Capital Partners AG, a well-established Zurich/ CH based principal investment firm. With his vast investment and value creation experiences, David oversees the heymate operations from a corporate governance perspective and strongly believes in the synergy potential among active investors and passionate founders.


Advisors will be subject to a 2-year vesting schedule

Alex Casassovici
Alex CasassoviciBlockchain Architect
Alexander is a Founding Partner at Bitflare Technologies, a blockchain and cryptocurrency development and consulting firm based in San Francisco, CA, USA. After having been involved for half a decade in the crypto world, Alexander is now helping companies and entrepreneurs to figure out how blockchain technology will be disrupting their markets. Alexander is a regular international speaker on blockchain technology.
Stephanie Tramicheck
Stephanie TramicheckICO and Strategic Marketing Expert
Stephanie is a Founding Partner at Propulsive, a PR and Marketing focus on blockchain and token sales. Stephanie is an experienced marketing executive in consumer tech. She is the former GM of Pinterest and Etsy in France. Stephanie loves to grow business from zero to millions. Stephanie has a master of science in telecommunications engineering and is a renowned international speaker.
Prof. Sylvain Chassang
Prof. Sylvain ChassangCrypto Economics Strategist
Sylvain is a Professor of Economics at New York University. As a leading economist, Sylvain focuses his academic research on modern (informal) contract design and its related impact on constructive incentives and adverse behavior. With his vast macro-economic insights, accumulated during a stellar career at leading academic institutions such as Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston) and Princeton University, Sylvain applies the latest research findings to real-world problems, often with a deep-technology and token economics angle.
Ralf Glabischnig
Ralf GlabischnigCo-founder & Partner - Lakeside Partners
Entrepreneurs. Invested. Involved. This is the core mindset that Ralf embodies as Co-founder of Lakeside Partners. With more than 20 years of experience as a business and IT consultant, Ralf possesses extensive expertise in transforming the finance and insurance industry, as well as a diverse entrepreneurial background stemming from multiple ventures and advisory board positions. As initiator of Europe’s largest Blockchain Competition and co-founder of the Crypto Valley Association, he is committed to developing the blockchain ecosystem both in Switzerland and worldwide.

Technical team

Meritocracy and transparency will be the basis for employee cash remuneration and promotion plans

Nick P
Nick PTeam Lead and Smart Contract Engineer
Nick is a very strong devops team leader and highly experienced software engineer. He started his career as a full stack software engineer and is our technical team leader. He is very hands-on while coaching his team towards the most elegant and high-quality design patterns. His current passion is about the MEAN stack, SPAs, mobile-first and blockchain/ DL technology.
Vladimir D
Vladimir DBack-end Specialist & DevOps Engineer
Vladimir is an effective and ambitious back-end coder and software developer. He has significant experience with high-load production projects, with a strong focus on non-trivial and complex tasks. Understanding that being an excellent software developer is not enough, he also researches and optimizes the business implications and operational process needs of his software development work.
Stanislav D
Stanislav DFramework Expert
Stanislav is a seasoned computer scientist and framework engineer. In his search for constant improvement, he developed its own Cordova plugins. He is strongly motivated by his belief that there is nothing which cannot be implemented by computer- and software technology.
Alice K
Alice KFront-end Specialist
Alice, a well-trained software and computer scientist, is passionate about state-of-the-art front-end design and development. Besides her professional development activities, she teaches others in front-end related academic courses and the fundamentals of programming.
Dima I
Dima IBack-end Specialist
Dima is an enthusiastic and ambitious back-end developer, who has developed and implemented many solutions for complex technical problems. He is very familiar with various software development methodologies and is a strong evangelist of SCRUM, Waterfall, Kanban and XP.
Artur L
Artur LUI/UX Designer
Artur is an experienced software engineer and a very ambitious mobile-app designer. Guided by a commitment to the highest levels of design quality, Artur makes every new project his next masterpiece.

Important Note: To protect the focus and commitment of our Tech team from unsolicited approaches, team members’ verified identity and professional credentials will be revealed by request only during individual investor due diligence and upon signing a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Best of all: heymate does not depend on a sizeable community or network effects: heymate delivers value from its 1st user onwards: it works for everybody – everywhere. On the street, social media and everywhere in between.

100 million people will be able to do business for their first time. And everyone else will be able to close a deal 100 times faster.

Thank you, blockchain.


Currently, we are in the private-sale mode for preparing our first version release. Our commitment to a benchmark Blockchain Excellence makes us launch our token crowd sale only when our product hits the app stores and is ready to use!

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