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The heymate HEY and HMR Tokens

The heymate token structure is based on an innovative dual token design, allowing for utility and staking functions. Our two tokens are the HEY token (fungible heymate utility token) and the HMR token (not fungible heymate reputation token).

Our 2 tokens deliver within the heymate deal closing platform the following key utilities:

HEY Token (fungible Utility Token)

▪ Infrastructure access

▪ Application access

▪ Application settlement

▪ Medium of exchange

HMR Token (not fungible, internal Reputation Token)

The heymate system uses a second token, the heymate Reputation Token (HMR), which is internal to heymate and models the reputation of consumers and producers. The HMR token serves to be staked by the participants of the platform for its various services.

Please find a detailed description of our dual token design in our Whitepaper.